The Department of equipment rental and specialized work of the departments distinct and unique, which rely on self-implementation by 100% , It is a key partner in the major national projects implemented by the company as well as meeting the requirements of the external market and the private sector, The company has grown in size and experience for more than 40 years since the establishment of the administration in 1975 till now and is now one of the largest equipment leasing companies in Egypt in the activity of forklifts and mobile cranes and Cesar and Hydrauilc Drum from 2 Ton To 100 Ton, There are a large number of companies that wish to maintain their operating capital for their core business, so companies come to renting equipment As an alternative than buying it.

There are two ways to rent in order to ensure flexibility in dealing

Short term rental

Where the customer is funded with the required equipment to work a certain number of hours until the completion of the required process.

Long term rental

Where the customer is funded with the equipment required to work for a specified period of time and this gives our customers the possibility to focus on the core of their main business.

Abu amera Equipment Company provides rental services 24 H/D